Pen Pal’s for College Students

It’s that time of year when the college students get ready to leave home and head for the dorms.  Some of these students would like to know what’s happening at Harmony and around their hometown while they’re away and appreciate hearing from those back home (care packages are always welcome!).
As we have so many of our students getting ready to leave for their first year of college and several who will be returning, I will be collecting names for all new and returning college students who would like to have a pen pal from Harmony.  With so many of them, we will need plenty of pen pals to match them up with.
Please email me at or call 540-338-2937 and let me know if your student would like to have a pen pal or if you are interested in being a pen pal to a college student.  I will need the following information:
Name, college name, mailing address, email address.
Please note:  ALL college students, new and returning, will be assigned new pen pals this year.  Please let me know if you have already made arrangements with a particular student and I will note that on the list.