Missions News



Thank you to all who contributed to hygiene, school, and/or cleaning kits.


IMPORTANT REMINDER — BABY BOTTLES ARE DUE BACK TO THE CHURCH, JUNE 17th (full or not)!  Thank you to all who contributed — TOGETHER, our change can change lives.   


With schools coming to an end and knowing that children will be home over the summer months, we contacted Hunger Relief to see if they had an urgent need for special food items. They are in desperate need of breakfast items, particularly cereals and grab-n-go breakfast bars/items. During the school year they go through 50-80 boxes of cereal a day so the need during the summer months is much higher. Can we help them by stocking their shelves with cereals and breakfast bars? Hunger Relief was very grateful for our timely call and wanted us to share with everyone how much they appreciated our call, us, and our donations.

In light of Hunger Relief’s need, Harmony is designating the fourth Sunday of each month as Hunger Relief Donation Sunday. Obviously the need is unbelievably high during the summer months, but the need doesn’t stop there. Harmony has always generously contributed to this food pantry and now that we know about their urgent need during the summer, let’s continue to help our neighbors by helping their shelves stay stocked. The collection bin for donations will be in “Driscoll Hall.”

JUNE 24th is this month’s Hunger Relief Donation Sunday but donations are welcome anytime


The Harmony Church community garden has been planted.  It takes many hands to keep the garden growing.  Throughout the summer we will need help watering, weeding and harvesting.  This is a great way for youth to earn those community service hours, as well as a great family project for parents and grandparents to teach their kids about gardening and giving back to their community.  Please visit our community garden mission table in the breezeway to sign-up to help.