Building Committee

In January 2011, Harmony United Methodist Church approved the establishment of a Capital Improvement Committee (CIC) and charged it with developing a plan for possible improvement and/or expansion of church facilities. The CIC assessed our current facilities (present church building, parking lots, and adjacent properties) as they relate to the church vision, mission and goals. The CIC also visited several churches in the area that had expanded to learn what went well and what didn’t. In February 2013, the CIC hired the architects Balzer and Associates (Balzer) to hold Town Hall-style meetings to listen to the concerns of the congregation, develop a Master Plan to show how we need to change/expand to meet our goals for education, fellowship, outreach, kitchen, office space, and eventually, worship and to develop conceptual drawings that show what is possible to build on our properties. In the Spring of 2014, Balzer presented the Master Plan and conceptual drawings to the congregation.

After the presentation of the Master Plan and drawings, a church conference was held to vote on whether Harmony UMC should establish a Building Committee (the work of the CIC was finished and that committee dissolved) to further explore the possibility of expansion. The church voted unanimously to establish a Building Committee. To see what the Building Committee is currently working on, click on Building Committee Updates.