Mission Opportunities

In an effort to better communicate and coordinate mission initiatives/activities in the church, we have put together a process to bring forth new mission opportunities.  Click on the following links to view the Harmony Mission Application and the Harmony Mission Process:

Harmony mission application (3)

Harmony misson process

Food pantry items




Harmony UMC sponsors the Backpack Buddy Program at Hamilton and Lincoln Elementary Schools. This program provides weekday snacks and weekend meals to students that may otherwise go without. You can help in this ministry in the following ways:

  • Helpers are needed to deliver already packed meals to Hamilton Elementary on Thursday mornings between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon.
  • Help is needed to shop for nonperishable food items.

If you are willing to help in any of these ways, please sign up on the tear-off sheet in the bulletin by August 21st. If you have any questions, please contact Amy Beckwith at abeckwith@harmonyva.org



There will be opportunities throughout the summer and early fall. If you are interested, please contact Michelle McCann at michellecach@yahoo.com. Thanks!

BABY BOTTLE CAMPAIGN  – Every year this campaign starts Mother’s Day and goes through Father’s Day

What is it? –A fundraiser by which you take home a baby bottle and for a month put your pocket change in it, then bring it back on Father’s Day. (Change only, please; and no, the bottle does not have to be full.)

Who benefits? –Mosaic-Virginia*, a Christian non-profit at Lansdowne that primarily helps women with unplanned pregnancies (*new name – formerly called “1st Choice Women’s Health Center” and before that “Lifeline Pregnancy Care Center”).

Where to put the returned bottle? –There will be a box in the window sill in the back of the sanctuary. (And yes, the box will still be there after June 21!)

Want to know more? — This wonderful organization does so much more than just talk! Check out the insert in this Sunday’s bulletin or go the web site www.Mosaic-Virginia.org .


Bopulu Mission – Harmony’s First “Church to ChurchPartnership”

The Church Council has agreed to support the Bopulu Mission as Harmony’s first “Church to Church Partnership”!

Below is an overview of what the church is committed to over the next 3 years.  We encourage families, church groups, committees etc…. to pray and be a part of this important mission.  Please see Laurie and John Broglio for more information.

2016 – Continued prayers and encouragement from the congregation & volunteers.  In addition the congregation will have the opportunity to sponsor a student at the Mission ($120 per year, per student).

2017 – Continued prayers and encouragement from the congregation & volunteers.  Continued opportunity for the congregation to sponsor a student at the Mission ($120 per year, per student). In addition, time will be set  for Pastor Seward to visit with HUMC during his trip to Hamilton, VA.


Putting our Faith to Work
“Do all the good you can, in all the places you can, to all the people you can.”
-John Wesley, founder of the Methodist movement in the 1700’s

Each one of us has different talents and gifts. It can be time, resources or special training. Most of all, it’s a desire to help others in the outreaching ministry of Jesus. Harmony United Methodist Church has a rich history of missions and constantly seeks to expand mission opportunities. Those who serve will tell you that they gain far more than they give by the experience. From a Saturday afternoon Apple Gleaning to a week long trip to the Katrina-ravaged Gulf Coast, there’s a place for you in missions.

Imagine you are a single parent trying to juggle school closings and work, the family with the highest propane bill you’ve ever seen, or the elderly couple next door who can’t get their driveway shoveled out. What if you were the homeless man, woman, or family who has been staying at the County shelter out on Sycolin Rd. for the last few weeks? As we think about people in need we might be tempted to consider them as being overwhelmed by circumstances or ill-prepared to face some of the curves life throws us, but are we really any different?

Don’t we all have days (maybe every day?) when we just can’t keep up with all we need to do? In the 24/7, super-connected, multitasking, global experience we live in, aren’t there often times when our lives seem a bit out of control? Regaining our balance may not take much effort. For many of us, taking a minute to think and act for others is one way to regain control and make an impact in a world in which we sometimes feel insignificant.

For example, when dropping off generously donated supplies and blankets at the Cold Weather Shelter, one of Harmony’s Mission Committee members heard from the staff that the blankets really make a difference because they have so many people using the shelter these days. Another parishioner gave feedback about the impact the experience of volunteering had on her teenage son and how it grounded him in the true reality of living in one of the wealthiest counties in the wealthiest country in the world.

These snippets of conversation offer the greatest insight into why mission work is so important. No matter how small the act, it has a result, an impact, and a purpose. In a life full of complexity, confusion, and lack of control, you have the chance to pause, act, and make a difference. Don’t miss out on the wonderful feeling of power, fulfillment, and meaningfulness that acting in support of a mission offers.